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Please do not send me dirty kik sexting

Posted 1 month ago

My Kik username: 97sama

I'm a 18yo girl

Living in Kingston Upon Hull, EN, United Kingdom

About me: Hey

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sammy 1 month ago

Cunt just fuck off and die everyone knows ya fake No one will give you money Sad poor little boy 😂😂😂

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sam 1 month ago

Yep it's fake Never pay him If you search the girls pic you will see he's a cunt Just looking for idiots to give him money Pay if ya a cunt lol

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.sterling.archer. 1 month ago

He just wants dumb fucks to give him money Guess he's so poor Just abuse the fake shit

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.sterling.archer. 1 month ago

Omg this cunt never stops Its a guy scamming money Look the pic up its so old Dumb fake cunt