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I accept engaging in dirty kik sexting

Posted 2 years ago

My Kik username: liamarvidsson1

I'm a 18yo guy

Location: not specified

About me: not specified

130 hotness points

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26 verified real

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mariannaking56 2 months ago

It's my comment, I never comme.sdfsdsdfjSJDFzhsdv.xmcn.,mvhsd,cbvx

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seellpic 4 months ago

Hey baby I wann some dick pics

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detritus8886 9 months ago

i still wait for miss (dirty) perfect… dont be shy, just write me

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annabel23 11 months ago

Hello i am Annabel form UK thanks for accepting my friend request reply please i have something to tell you( annabeljohncock AT ho tmail DOT com)

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sabrina 1 year ago


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detritus8886 1 year ago

Im also on Snapchat: detritus1988

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detritus8886 1 year ago

hey girls! kik me, i promise you wont regret it!

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maine 1 year ago

Lets sex

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cheerleaderseahawks 1 year ago

u must be terid baby

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xxbtobxx 1 year ago

omg those abs plz >W<

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just1965me 1 year ago

Let me lick those abs!

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angelica 1 year ago

U r really making me wet right now

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roggerrogg 1 year ago

Kik me

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indy_baes 2 years ago

Ur making me wet

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zac_p98 2 years ago

Wow ur so hot , I'll give u anything u want , kik me please

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cynthia86 2 years ago

Youre so hot! Please text me and we can have some real fun!!