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Kik Username: ginandtonic06

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I accept engaging in dirty kik sexting

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Kik me @ ginandtonic06

I'm a 26yo girl

Living in US flag Utah, United States

About me: I'm very happy with how it all plays. I'm very blessed. my idea, to go to enlist, do one tour, fight & getting out in due time. Warrant Officer1 Gymnast, Sky diver, , Choppers, Plans and Parachutes.

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ginandtonic06 3 months ago

Two idiots. Lazy asshole. Want nudes, not a trader.

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darman2361 3 months ago

Definite Fake and wants Visa Cards btw if anyone was wondering.

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soulbolt94 4 months ago

Hey messaged you :)

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bbcphantom 5 months ago

Thats so awesome you do all that

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ginandtonic06 5 months ago

I dont fuck Anal, Idiot