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Kik Username: j_lancaster.88

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Please do not send me dirty kik sexting

Profile last posted 2 weeks ago

Joined KikFriender 3 months ago

Kik me @ j_lancaster.88

I'm a 13yo girl

Living in US flag Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

About me: looking for long term online friends possibly a relationship ^-^ no one over 19 tho. only clean. provoking me will only lead to you getting blocked🤷🏻‍♀️ so i wouldn’t try it! otherwise feel free to send me a message :3

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j_lancaster.88 3 weeks ago

prolly gonna take this down soon so hmu while you still can! it’s just a bunch of old creeps being pedophiles and hitting on children and i’m sick of it so might as well just take it down at least i’ll be able to choose who i wanna talk to that way

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kf_epic 1 month ago

Can confirm this user is real.

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j_lancaster.88 2 months ago

btw i won’t be responding to anyone over 19 or any dirty chats you’ll all be blocked

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nerdick__ 2 months ago


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drewbedoo05 2 months ago

yeah she's real

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anthant99 2 months ago

she's 100% real and she's cool too ignore all the creeps reporting her fake

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pyxlz1 2 months ago

She’s legit

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ythanb 2 months ago

She real and shes pretty chill to talk to

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taylorcurious 2 months ago

Yeah she’s real

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tymefliez 2 months ago

Sweet girl

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roguevoyager6 3 months ago


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dales3360 3 months ago