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Kik Username: kissmypzzy

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I accept engaging in dirty kik sexting

Profile last posted 2 days ago

Joined KikFriender 240 days ago

Kik me @ kissmypzzy

I'm a 18yo girl

Living in US flag Ny, United States

About me: ONLY MEN between 18 to 25, if I dont reply automatically I am at work, so please wait until I am home. (I ❤ huge cock daily it's my food im obsessed with cock) HMU if your a good boy ;] and plz read my comments from some huge cocks I milked before ;)

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slimjim641 1 day ago

100% Real will drain the fuck outa you 🤣

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grewprew 6 days ago

Best cum slut ever! 😘

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landon_rivera66 2 weeks ago

Best slut ever so good at being a slut loves your cock

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l_jj2 3 weeks ago

Best milking I've ever received she really thirsts for your cock ,and will be a good slut to you

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thr0waway2468 4 weeks ago

The best cumslut ever, so good at milking dicks.

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valiant_sister 4 weeks ago

She's filthy as anything, love being milked by her

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kurthimself 1 month ago

Mmm she’s a filthy little cumslut, best one on Kik no doubt!

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jackjkid19 1 month ago

Best cumslut you’ll find period!

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sidawg99 1 month ago

Best Slut On Kik Will Make You So Hard

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devennycs 2 months ago

Very sexy and slutty

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gm_robert 2 months ago

Very hot, she is so slutty

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kevin4uall 2 months ago

Perfect slut to makes u burst uncontrollably she watches me leak precum on Skype🤤

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jack_r793 2 months ago

Suck this cock

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jvanrenser 2 months ago

It's a guy that pretends to be a girl

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petermellark12 2 months ago

Its a male,

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kevinis053 3 months ago

Gorgeous babe that loves dick and cum🥰

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westsideweston43 3 months ago

#1 cock milker in the whole wide world

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kissmypzzy 3 months ago

Dont listen to men I reject that are mad I said no idk why whenever I tell a guy he's not my type bc he has weird fetishes he has to try to defame me lol let me milk u soon;)

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gracvb 3 months ago

Hello baby

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timfields1994 3 months ago

#1 cock milker out there. Id love to slap this sexy slutbwith my cock in person!

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dvkc67 4 months ago

#1 milker I need more 😍

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tonttu666 4 months ago

She is my favorite slut made cum so much🍆🤤

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hugecumshot24 4 months ago

Its a guy don’t trust him

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milan_2975 4 months ago

Very hot cock slut, made me cum multiple times🤤

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oxku 5 months ago

A bit demanding but definitely worth it🥴

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ge5u5 5 months ago

Sexy ass cock slut. Milked my cock like never before. She's so sexy and slutty for cock.

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unwwanted 5 months ago

Kik m5

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jduvnjak55 5 months ago

This girl is so goddamn sexy and hot she made my cock drip like a fountain

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jables23b 5 months ago

Helps me milk my cock every day 🥴

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pussib0ss2 6 months ago

She makes me cum a lot. She's got a nice and wet pussy. Biggest cock slut I've met

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dysoncs 6 months ago

She made me cum so hard. The best slut their is. Everyone should cum for her

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mattcdj 7 months ago

Very good slut with sexy pussy. Made me cum hard for her. Very slutty girl

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prettyfuckedup 7 months ago

Definitely a good slut, made me cum hard that's for sure

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snakeob14 7 months ago

Such a good slut, loves cock and cum, can’t get enough of it, definitely recommend

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rugbycock28 7 months ago

God does this girl ever milk like no one else! Always makes sure you finish, in the way you want, without complaint. The best slut out there. Obedient, hot and has a sex drive from here to Tokyo. Never fails to get those cocks she wants!

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bigpile 7 months ago

What cum slut, she will make u blow a load thicker than ever

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sovi3t2020 7 months ago

Shell leave u cumming like there's no tomorrow and loves cock not any cock thick fat cocks

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tody90 7 months ago

Such a slutty cocksucker, loves cum

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newstime187 7 months ago

real, love how she make my dick ervery time hard!

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soulofblair 7 months ago

Such a good cockslut. Made me cum hard and was so damn sexy. You really wont be disappointed with her

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net_the_grate 7 months ago

Really picky for a cock slut

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t_collins15 7 months ago

An absolute cock slut, no one loves pleasing and admiring cock as much as she does! Nothing she loves more than milking a cock!

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chereold 7 months ago

Beautiful body and such a slut for dick

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italiancook101 7 months ago

She asks for pic doesnt ask age and just assumes and says too old

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cthuwu48 7 months ago

Thirsty for you dick you won’t be disappointed

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jlaroy02 7 months ago

Absolute whore for my cock, she asks to see and admire it everyday. I love how dirty she is with all the stuff she sends me

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cg2414 7 months ago

Such a sexy cock slut I love cumming for her as much as she does cumming for my huge cock

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thisisjari 7 months ago

She is a real huge cock lover, if you are big she will be needing your cock everyday, the perfect girl that admires big dick only 🍆

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mrbowlingguy 8 months ago

Wow I love your pussy🙈

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bigddick88 8 months ago

So sexy and obedient