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Kik Username: kissmypzzy

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I accept engaging in dirty kik sexting

Profile last posted 4 days ago

Joined KikFriender 539 days ago

Kik me @ kissmypzzy

I'm a 18yo girl

Living in US flag Ny, United States

About me: ONLY MEN between 18 to 28, if I dont reply automatically I am at work, so please wait until I am home. (I ❤ huge cock daily it's my food im obsessed with cock) HMU if your a good boy ;] and plz read my comments some guys try to defame me lmao 🤣

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123 reported fake

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azoozelwoolf 2 weeks ago

Verified real and made me cum a ton! Super accommodating as well c:

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li141 1 month ago

she is fake girl

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kissmypzzy 1 month ago

Its so wierd bc whenever I make a guy cum I dont look at his name i never even spoke to this guy idogg and he saying im fake lol why do guys do this if u want to ask the men I milked if im real or if I made them cum click thier profiles dm them?

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ldogg128 1 month ago

Lmfao! This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone build up a fake profile so much holy god. Look at all the usernames, all say 123 or Alex in them. Lmfao I really wonder what this person gets outta catfishing.

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harryx44 1 month ago


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coralax 1 month ago

Fuxking fake dont even bother

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kik_alexwashere0089 1 month ago

made me cum so many times she’s real!!

Kik Profile Photo

tom.jarvisss 1 month ago

it’s a man btw guys

Kik Profile Photo

freddyalex123 2 months ago

Absolutely amazing girl, made me cum so many times

Kik Profile Photo

ryu2469 2 months ago

Fuckin amazing what can I say

Kik Profile Photo

m6rius6petruskr6uz 2 months ago

She adored my fat cock totally. Id cum once and id cum any day for her

Kik Profile Photo

kissmypzzy 2 months ago

Please ignore the men who shame me and call me names they just mad bc they r too old for me and got rejected sad old men who lie and doesn't understand no means no.

Kik Profile Photo

m.johnston4 2 months ago

Shes fake i just called her out on her BS guys you all got hoodwinked 🤣🤣

Kik Profile Photo

ashowoff0 2 months ago

She‘s so fucking hot its insane. Just stared at my big dick forever on skype and made me leak so much precum

Kik Profile Photo

shaboobuu2 3 months ago

If you don’t realize this is a fake account bruh

Kik Profile Photo

hardjazzy 3 months ago

She made me cum super hard, crazy sexy

Kik Profile Photo

hllboy666 3 months ago

Comments look like a product review 💀😭

Kik Profile Photo

goodboyandi 4 months ago

I came super hard for her!!

Kik Profile Photo

elijah20078 4 months ago

She is real she made me cum a couple of times

Kik Profile Photo

shaboobuu2 4 months ago

This pfp is screen shot of a video been circulating for years fake af

Kik Profile Photo

sh4d0wb0y21 4 months ago

it’s a guy

Kik Profile Photo

grimsly56 4 months ago

She’s pretty good at milking my cock

Kik Profile Photo

idcccc12 4 months ago

Its a guy btw

Kik Profile Photo

seth1541 5 months ago

Shes real she milked me real hard

Kik Profile Photo

blackcock20022 6 months ago

Said I was too old when I’m only 20

Kik Profile Photo

jonddog 6 months ago

She was so hot and good to me

Kik Profile Photo

malfri123 7 months ago

Such a hot slut, loves how she treats my cock. Best one on here

Kik Profile Photo

rebel_long 7 months ago

She is the best

Kik Profile Photo

buck_r6 8 months ago

Never came so hard in my life gotta try her

Kik Profile Photo

tharsch 8 months ago

She milked my cock so good!

Kik Profile Photo

train1944 8 months ago

Amazing pussy and I want more

Kik Profile Photo

soccerlife3810 8 months ago

Absolutely worth your time. Huge cock slut!!

Kik Profile Photo

rlittlertist 8 months ago

She is a true cock slut!!

Kik Profile Photo

sidawg99 8 months ago

The best whore so good at draining your balls

Kik Profile Photo

jturner9804 9 months ago

She’s definitely real and was the best

Kik Profile Photo

novaaa57644 9 months ago

made me cum in minutes

Kik Profile Photo

bochiro420 9 months ago

Best slut on here. Bros trust me the BEST!

Kik Profile Photo

turther 9 months ago

Might like dick a bit to much.

Kik Profile Photo

luckyduck 9 months ago

She will not let you down. Best experience I have ever had. Absolutely 10/10. She will drain you so fast

Kik Profile Photo

dabarbaracle 9 months ago

It so sexy how she begs for your cock and cum. She loves dicks and making you cum, and is amazing at doing her job as a little slut

Kik Profile Photo

jonachillies 9 months ago

Super picky wanted a face pic sent it 'too old' which punch in the gut I'm 24 wasn't too good

Kik Profile Photo

slimjim641 10 months ago

100% Real will drain the fuck outa you 🤣

Kik Profile Photo

grewprew 10 months ago

Best cum slut ever! 😘

Kik Profile Photo

landon_rivera66 10 months ago

Best slut ever so good at being a slut loves your cock

Kik Profile Photo

thr0waway2468 11 months ago

The best cumslut ever, so good at milking dicks.

Kik Profile Photo

valiant_sister 11 months ago

She's filthy as anything, love being milked by her

Kik Profile Photo

jackjkid19 11 months ago

Best cumslut you’ll find period!

Kik Profile Photo

sidawg99 11 months ago

Best Slut On Kik Will Make You So Hard

Kik Profile Photo

devennycs 11 months ago

Very sexy and slutty

Kik Profile Photo

gm_robert 11 months ago

Very hot, she is so slutty