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October 16th 2020

Oh what a year it has been! We hope everyone stayed safe and healthy. Here at KikFriender we've been busy doing some work on the backend of the website. But today, we're proud to present you with a brand new feature, one that has been requested countless of times over the years: the ability to bump your profile to the top of the first page!

We understand how aggravating it is when your profile gets buried down the pages and no one can find your username. Up to this point, the only way to be visible on the first page again was to delete your profile and create it another time. This wasn't very practical, as you would lose all of your profile content, stats, comments, etc. Also, if overdone, it could result in your profile getting banned for spamming.

Well, worry no more! Now, with the Bump to the top! button, you no longer need to delete your profile every time to be seen on the first page. Simply click the button, and there you go! You can find this new magic button a bit everywhere, in the upper menu, in your settings, on your profile page, and in the footer of the website.

August 25th 2019

We finally crunched up all the feedback and created a page to answer all of your concerns and questions. We're addressing the issues of bots, fakes, sellers, the possibility to bump your profile, as well as other features and questions. We are determined to make KikFriender a better place to meet other Kik users. Head over to the Feedback Updates to read everything!

October 30th 2017

Find Snapchat Friends ( has rebranded to Find Chat Friends and changed its domain name to

📑 You can visit the new website: Find Chat Friends

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October 25th 2017

Dirty Snap Sexting ( was an adult community to find dirty snapchat friends and kik usernames for sexting. They have since changed their domain name to

You can visit Dirty Chat Sexting to Find Dirty Kik Usernames.

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April 9th 2017

In today's internet experience, it's always important to operate under the best security and offer the best protection to users. This is why today we've opted to use the HTTPS protocol for our website, allowing you to navigate freely and securely. This protocol encrypts data you send (such as login credentials, passwords, etc) from your browser to our server through secured communication, mitigating the risks of hackers stealing your information.

November 15th 2016

The map of local Kik friends has been out of service for a while, as was pointed out to us. But good news, we figured out the problem and the map is back online and functional! Go check it out.

May 21st 2015

After a year in service, Find Snapchat Friends had to shut down their adult section. Read the full story here.

To keep on the legacy, you can always join the party on Kik and find adult friends to chat with on the adult section of KikFriender. We have also migrated the Leaked Snapchat Nudes section on our website so you can continue to use the service.

March 8th 2015

You can now help us in our quest to delivering quality content to our users by reporting any inappropriate content you may see on the website. To report profiles or photos, simply click on the "Report" link under the profile or photo. To report anything else, remember you can always write to us on the Contact page.

January 17th 2015

Happy new years to our Kik Friend Finders! We hope you had a great time during your holidays, we sure did! With the new year comes new resolutions, and one of our focus this year will be to become more serious in our work. Better late than never, we just released our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy documents. Make sure you read through them to understand how you can use our services and what information we keep about you, to protect both KikFriender and our users.

November 23rd 2014

It's not just about text anymore. We've updated how you can post comments by letting you add a photo on a profile! Now you can show other Kik users what you're up to in an interactive fashion. And what's that, no video option? We've thought about it, but decided to postpone it for later. If we get enough demands for a video comment we might implement sooner!

November 23rd 2014

Seeing its popularity on, we couldn't let this feature go! With our official KikFriender launch, we're proud to bring you one of the most interesting Kik Community development yet. The title says it all, you can now find local Kik friends from all over the world! Navigate through our interactive map of Kik usernames and find a local Kik girl or guy near you:

Don't forget to specify where you're from to be featured on our map of local snapchatters!

Are you feeling a little dirty?

For the kinky ones out there you might want to have a look at our Dirty Kik Usernames section. You might also be interested in finding dirty local Kik usernames near you who are ready to send nudes and enjoy dirty Kik sexting:

November 23rd 2014

Today marks our official launch! We are proud to bring you Kik's best platform to find friends and usernames from all over the world. Talk to open-minded strangers, meet new friends, exchange life moments.. what are you waiting for? Let's start this adventure!

Follow these three easy steps to get started:

  1. Post your Kik username to be seen by all and receive Kik friend requests
  2. Browse the different categories offered to find new Kik friends
  3. Add the usernames that interest you in Kik, and start exchanging

Who knows, maybe your next crush is hiding behind one of the posted profiles.. Who doesn't like a little mystery? ;)

News and updates will be posted on this page. Make sure to tune in from time to time to see what changed and what features are coming!