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Rules & Guidelines & Help

Revised: 14th September 2021

 Please take the time to read this page carefully.

Terms of service:

 The minimum age to use this site is 13 years old.


By using our service, you indicate that you have fully read and agree to always follow all applicable laws and our rules and guidelines on this page at all times.  Not doing so will likely result in your account, bio, or images being removed or banned.


You must check this page for help instead of going straight to staff for answers.  It is likely your own fault that your account, bio, or images got removed or banned, which could have been avoided if you had read this page.


You consent to KikFriender storing your encrypted and protected email and password, as well as any information or images you share.

Legal & Disclaimers:

 KikFriender does not support nor allow any criminal or illegal content or activity.


KikFriender is not responsible for any user posted content or actions, on or off-site.  We will, however, remove or ban accordingly if laws or rules are broken on site.


KikFriender does not have any means of supporting financial or gift-related transactions. 


 Username is intended for your own active and valid Kik username.


Age should represent your real age only, and you are expected to keep it updated when appropriate (i.e. birthdays, or just after).


Sex should reflect your biological birth sex, with the exception only to post-op individuals.


Location refers to your town, city, state, etc.  Do not post work, school, or home addresses etc.


Country is optional but recommended, and if used, it is intended to reflect where you currently live or stay.


Bio and image rules are explained in more detail below.


 Any image depicting nudity or pornography is considered a sexual image.  These images will not be allowed involving under 18 ages, or anyone on the clean list regardless of age.  These images are considered to be showing female nipples or areola, male or female genitals or pubic hair, male or female bare butt, or, sexual acts or poses, etc.

Involving children:

No under 13 users or references or images.

No under 18 sexual references or images.

No under 18 users or references or images on the adult list or leaked gallery.


Clean list:

No sexual references or images from anyone.


Adult list:

No under 18 users or references or images.


Leaked gallery:

No random or non-human images.

No contact or personal details anywhere.

No under 18 users or references or images.



No illegal references or images.
No hardcore drugs or weapon references or images.

No posted without consent accounts or references or images.

No phone numbers or addresses or emails etc.

No ban evading or attempting to do so.

No spam posted accounts or bio or images.

No link or file-sharing or domain or URL references or images.

No money or gifting or sugaring references or images.

No advertising or promoting, except social media usernames in the bio only.


Premium users:

Premium users pay to advertise that they are selling adult content, but must follow the same rules as other users, except as follows:

They are allowed to mention sexual references on the clean or dirty list.

They are allowed to mention they are selling in the bio.

They are allowed to show censored sexual images on the clean list.

They must be at least 18 years of age, and can only sell legal content.

Removed or banned account, bio, or images:

 Bio or images removed:

Your bio or images contain one or more words, or images, that relate to an above topic that is not allowed.  It is removed for violating rules, but also to give you the chance to fix the issue.


Account removed:

This is the more normal action taken for most people and most rules.  This can also happen if you repeatedly keep breaking the more minor rules (above).  Anything that cannot be fixed by just deleting a bio or image, but also would be too strict to ban for, will likely result in this action being taken.


Account banned:

You have a history of breaking rules, you spam post accounts, bio, or images, you discuss serious or illegal topics or show illegal images, or you just do not learn from any other action being taken or being given multiple chances to stop breaking rules.


Context and intentions are not considered anymore.

Report system:

 Use our report system only to report site users’ profiles or images.


You do not need to make multiple reports per profile or image.


The outcome to making reports is as follows:

Ignored if there was no evidence of breaking laws or rules when we checked.

Removed or banned account or bio or images after finding laws or rules broken.

Official staff:

 Site Manager & Admin: KF_Epic

Site content moderation and rule enforcement.

Ban appeals (if you can prove a mistake).

Site and project manager.

Rules page updates and revisions.


Admin: KF_Shadowless

Site content moderation and rule enforcement.

Ban appeals (if you can prove a mistake).


Contact Support

Site features and functionality.

Premium users and payments.

Official business-related inquiries.


Please do not contact support about your account or bio or images being removed or banned.  
Check the rules page for answers and help instead!