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KikFriender Rules and Help

Created: 9th Sep 2021 ~ Updated: 10th Jan 2022

Please take the time to read this page. It's for your benefit!

Terms of Service

Using this service indicates you've read and agree to follow the rules within.
All users are obligated to follow applicable laws.

Minimum ages:
Clean list is for 13+ year olds.
Adult list and the leaked gallery is strictly for 18+ year olds.
It's illegal for under 18's to register on, or view, the adult list or leaked gallery.

You give consent for KikFriender to:
Store your encrypted and protected email and password.
Store and show your publicly added information or images.
Reserve the right to remove or ban your content or account(s).

Legal and Disclaimers

KikFriender doesn't support nor allow any illegal content or activity.

KikFriender, and it's staff, aren't legally or otherwise responsible for user added content or actions.

KikFriender doesn't have any means of supporting financial or gift transactions.

Rules - Images

Any image depicting sexual content wont be tolerated from under 18's, or anyone on the clean list.

Sexual images are defined as having visible:
Female nipples or areolas.
Bare or mostly bare butts.
Underwear pics (under 18's or clean list).
Sexual acts or poses.
Fully nude, even if covering the above.

Anywhere on site:
No personal details (address, phone number, email etc).
No under 18 sexual images.
No illegal images.
No advertising or promoting anything.
No non-consensual images.

Leaked gallery:
No under 18 images.
No non human images.

Clean list:
No sexual images.
No under 13 images.

Dirty list:
No under 18 images.

Rules - Bio (about me) & Account details

Anywhere on site:
No personal details (address, phone number, email etc).
No under 18 sexual references.
No illegal references.
No advertising or promoting (except "Trusted users").
No non-consensual references or personal info.
Never spam post accounts or content.
Never sell adult content or services (except "Trusted users").

Leaked gallery:
No under 18 references.
No under 18 users.

Clean list:
No sexual references.
No under 13 references.
No under 13 users.

Dirty list:
No under 18 references.
No under 18 users.

Premium accounts

Premium users are 18+ and pay to advertise promoting or selling adult and legal content.
They're the main reason why users don't pay to use the service!
They're allowed to mention sexual references on either list.
They aren't allowed to show sexual images on the clean list.

Report system

Our report system is for users to report accounts or images that violate rules or laws on site.
If multiple issues occur, just pick the most serious, as we check everything in the account.
Please include your valid Kik username when reporting.

Registered details

We request that users use real details when they register, or when they update details.
This reduces the liklihood of accounts being removed.

is for your own active and valid Kik username.
If you own two or more, please reference only the main one.

Multiple Kik usernames likely will result in accounts being removed.

is only for your real age.
You're required to post your real age, and update it on birthdays.

Multiple ages likely will result in accounts being removed.
Fake ages used by children to get on the adult sections will result in bans.

is optional, but based on the country you are currently in.

is optional use for the state or city etc. you are currently in.

NEVER post home, work, or school addresses here.

A common misunderstanding here is thinking we require this information. We don't!
It's 100% optional, leave it blank (default setting) if you want!

Adding a profile image:
Profile > "Kik photos" or "Kik nudes" > Choose file > (select image) > Upload.

Updating or changing your details

Details can be adjusted by accessing one of the following places:
Your profile > edit profile button.
Your profile > settings button.
Banner at the top > settings > edit profile.
Banner at the top > settings > more settings.

Edit profile allows you to:
Change your gender, if you made a mistake, within a set time.
Update your age, bio (about me), country, or location.

Settings allows you to:
Update your email, password, or delete your account.

Username can only be changed by an admin.

Official staff

(Manager and Admin): Kik @ KF_Epic
Moderating site content.
Managing user accounts.
Rule enforcement.
Rules page updates.
Project manager.
Site content and accounts manager.

(Admin): Kik @ KF_Shadowless
Moderating site content.
Managing user accounts.
Rule enforcement.

Contact support
Site features and functionality.
Premium user enquiries and payments.
Official business inquiries.