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KikFriender - Rules

27th August 2020 - v2.0

About us / Service:

Usage of this service is permitted on condition that you agree to and comply with these rules / guidelines at all times:

Consent for use of service:

By registering an account you hereby give consent (required) for KikFriender to store your information and image(s) as explained clearly and simply below;

Your email and password are always encrypted and kept secure and private at all times. We need to store this in order to detect if a user is registered and can login, or not registered and needs to create an account first. While some people are a little sensitive about storing this type of information, we assure you that it is safe! So much so, even staff have their details kept the same way, and you know how important it is for that information to be kept safe and private!

Your username, sex, age, country, about me, and any image(s) you add to your profile, or post on the leaked section, are all publicly visible on site, not just to users, or staff, but to guests as well.

Legal responsibilities:

Please note, content added by users is the sole responsibility of the person uploading / posting it, not us. We will, however, take appropriate action removing images / profiles / accounts if needed. This means while people sometimes post content or images deemed unsuitable / illegal / inappropriate etc. on site, we do care enough to do something about it, but we are not condoning or supporting it or responsible for it!

KikFriender is not Kik:

We are not endorsed / sponsored by Kik! We are a public community for people to share their Kik username and make friends / share interests. Many people make the mistake that because something happens on Kik, we should instinctively delete or ban a profile or account from the site. This is incorrect! We take action on site profiles / images / accounts based solely on the content and context of the profile or image. What happens on Kik, however, is between you, Kik, and the other user!


Official staff:

Listed below are official staff for KikFriender. Anyone who is not listed below, who contacts you on Kik, is to be assumed as a fake / impersonating staff. If this is the case, get in touch with someone below and let them know / show screenshots of their profile and what they said ASAP! There is a possibility a new member joined our team and hasn’t yet been added to this page, however, still get in touch with us to check first!

kf_epic (Kik)

  • - KikFriender Administrator (Day to day site moderation)
  • - Management (Behind the scenes)

Contact Support

  • - Technical issues (coding/features/bugs)
  • - Payments / premium (trusted user) enquiries


Do not share IDs / devices / connections (including public / shared WIFI).

This can lead to someone else who used your device or internet getting banned, and as it was your connection or device, also having you banned too. If you want to avoid this, keep your device locked / secure, and do not share your internet, device, or use public wifi places to post to our site.

Do not post on behalf of other people:

Even if they tell you it is okay to do so, it is in fact illegal to share other people's information and / or imagery or personal details, and can result in that user being harassed / blackmailed / bullied / threatened etc.

Do not spam posts or usernames under any circumstances.

Do not post multiple Kik usernames per post, or, multiple posts with the same or different usernames. We understand you want people to talk to you, but the system is set up how it is to be fair to all users, so post, wait, then 12h after creating your account you can delete if you wish to, and repost after if you want to. However, note, there is a 2 post limit per day to stop people from abusing / spam posting! If you try to exploit this, you will have your profile removed and account banned!


Username section in the profile:

Your profile has a specific username section, which is for your valid and active (at the time of posting) Kik username only, for which you are the account creator / holder. If you wish to share your other social media, please only put it in the description / about me section only, and it must not be any reference to illegal or sexual content or similar.

Post your real age and sex:

This may seem unimportant to you, but some users actually rely on this information to be accurate, and most people actually do this anyway. Posing as a different age or sex in unfair to others, and can result in a ban, or at least having your profile removed, for lying about your age/sex.


If you include your location, country should ideally be accurate. Never post someone else's address, and never post your address. This is to protect all users. We ask for country only for this same reason.

Lists / Images / About me:

Clean/pg list:
  • Minimum age to use / post on this list: 13 years old
  • Children allowed: Yes (13-17 year olds can only post on this list, not the adult list!)
  • Adults allowed: Yes (18+)
  • Sexual imagery allowed: No
  • Sexual topics allowed: No
  • Clean imagery allowed: Yes
  • Clean topics allowed: Yes
Dirty/adult list:
  • Minimum age to use / post on this list: 18 years old
  • Children allowed: No
  • Adults allowed: Yes (18+)
  • Sexual imagery allowed: Yes (from 18+ years old)
  • Sexual topics allowed: Yes (from 18+ years old)
  • Clean imagery allowed: Yes (from 18+ years old)
  • Clean topics allowed: Yes (from 18+ years old)
Leaked gallery:
  • Minimum age to use / post on this list: 13 years old, but ideally 18+
  • Children allowed: Yes, but be warned there is sexual content visible!
  • Adults allowed: Yes
  • Sexual imagery allowed: Yes (from 18+ years old)
  • Clean imagery allowed: Yes (from 13+ years old)
Sexual imagery:

This is defined as, but not limited to; showing exposed boobs where the nipple is visible, genitals showing for male OR female users, and obvious thong/g-string/naked butt pictures, especially close up images. These also include images involving see through clothing, etc.

Sexual content:

This is defined as, but not limited to; referencing topics of a sexual or pornographic nature, genital size or generic references, terms such as “horny” or “dirty chat” etc.

Inappropriate / illegal content:

This is defined as, but not limited to; referencing topics of an illegal or inappropriate nature for the site, or for 13+ children to see in general. This can include terms such as: rape, incest, beastiality, zoophilia, using the “n-word”, blackmail, threats, abuse, gore, violence, blood, self harm and the like. Use common sense when posting and remember the site is for 13+ users, not 18+!