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KikFriender Rules / Help / Info / Guidelines
Created: 9th Sep 2021 - Updated: 18th Nov 2022

Using this service means you have read and agree to follow our rules and all laws.

Official staff are listed at the bottom of this page!

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Legal / Info:
Minimum ages - Consent - Privacy - Visible info - Legal

Profile / Account:
Account access - Profile access - Add profile pic - Change profile pic - Delete profile pic - Username - Age - Sex / gender - Country / location

Advertising in images - Advertising in bio - Not allowed - Clean list - Leaked - Dirty list - Premiums - Reporting

Official Staff

Minimum ages :
Clean section: 13-year-olds or older.
Dirty / leaked section: 18-year-olds or older.

Account creation and your ability to log in require us to store your encrypted and protected email / password.

No one can see your password, except you.
Only the staff and yourself can see your email.

Publicly visible:
Always shown: Kik username / Age / Sex / Joined date.
Shown if added / relevant: Posted date (bump time) / Location / Country / Bio / Image(s).

KikFriender doesn't allow or support any illegal references / images.
KikFriender is never responsible for any user posted content / actions / intentions on or off site.
We will, however, remove or ban any bio / image / account we feel is violating our rules or breaking laws.
KikFriender doesn't support / allow financial related transactions on site.

Using this service, you agree to absolve KikFriender and its staff from any / all responsibilities, whether legal, financial, or otherwise.

Your account:
Your profile > settings button.
Banner at the top > settings > more settings.

Here you can:
Update your email / password / delete your account.

Deleting accounts is intended for those who no longer wish to use the service.
Deleting then recreating or posting new details increases your odds of being banned for spam posting or abusing features.

Password changes can be done while logged in through your account settings, or from the login page if logged out.
Deleted / banned accounts can not change passwords as the account is considered invalid.

Your profile:

Your profile > edit profile button.
Banner at the top > settings > edit profile.

Here you can:
Adjust your sex within a set time after creating your account.
Add or edit your age / bio / country / location.

Usernames can only be changed by an admin.
Passwords / emails can only be changed by you.

You are more than capable of changing most things in your profile yourself.
If you do make a mistake, you can ask an admin to update your details, or point out the mistake in your bio.

Add profile pic:
Go to your profile and look under the photo section.
First select "Choose file", pick an image from your device, then select "Upload".
Repeat as needed.

Change profile pic:
You must first have 2+ images uploaded to do this.
View your image you wish to be your new main picture, at the top select "Set profile picture".

Delete profile pic:
You must first have 2+ images uploaded to do this, and you can delete all but 1 image.
View your image you wish to delete, at the top select "Delete photo".

Your username:
Is for your own individual, valid and active Kik username.
Multiple different Kik usernames won't be allowed so check for mistakes.
Preferably avoid adding Kik usernames to the bio.

Your age:
Is for your real and accurate age.
Multiple different ages won't be allowed so check for mistakes.
Preferably avoid adding it to the bio.

Your sex:
Transitioned post-op individuals can use their new sex if they wish to.
For all others, it defaults to biological sex for all.

Your country / location:
Is optional and defaults to being empty.
Ideally if used, it is intended for the country / state / city / town, etc. you are currently in.

Main rules:

Allowed image advertising:,,
Retrica, pic collage, photo editing software, camera make / model watermarks.
Same Kik usernames / profile.

Allowed bio advertising:
As long as it's not sexual on the clean side, to make money, copyrighted / watermarked / trademarked, or to get a free promotion or advertising, then it's usually fine.
Examples of what we have no issue with are Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Kik, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, XBOX, PlayStation, Twitch, Discord, Tumblr, and similar.

Not allowed anywhere:
Spam posted references / images / accounts.
Posted / sharing without consent (info / contact details / personal details / images).
Personally identifiable info (address / email / phone etc).
Illegal (rape / incest / beastiality etc).
Selling / buying / paying (giving / receiving / talking about).
Bots / catfish / fakes (talking about).
Anything money / gifting / sugaring related (sugar daddy / gift cards etc).
Under 13 users / references / images / accounts.
Link / website / file sharing references.

Clean section (13+):
No genitals / pubic hair / boobs / female nipples or areola, and never be fully nude if under 18 or posting to the clean section.
This also applies to clothing and underwear considered partially or completely see-through.

Use common sense, and remember 13+ ages can see what you post. Keep it clean and respectful.
You are always welcome to ask an admin / show an image / discuss references etc. if you want to check first.

As for sexual references on the clean side, they will not be allowed from any user because children are present.

Leaked section (18+):
Under 18 users / references / images.
Non-human images.
Contact / personal info.

Dirty section (18+):
No under 18 users / references / images.

Premium users are 18+ and pay to advertise selling legal and adult-only content.
They can mention sexual references or show sexual content on the dirty list.
They are not allowed to mention sexual references or show sexual content on the clean list.

Our report system is based solely on site users / content, with the exception only to posted without consent, which applies to Kik users and chats too.
Please include your username. Some things may need to provide proof, so we may need to contact you.

Illicit services (selling / sign-up / payment):
Typically adult females who try to get your credit card info, ask you to sign up for sites, or offer to sell you illicit services or content.

Illegal / Criminal:
Anything legitimately considered illegal / criminal.

Inappropriate / Offensive:
Racist / sexist / offensive / discrimination etc.
Please note that there is a difference between giving a preference and being offensive.

Invalid Kik username:
You are using a site for Kik users so register your own active and valid Kik username.

Mismatched ages / sexes:
When users ages / sexes or both do not match. This could be a mistake however.

Mismatched Kik usernames:
When users post Kik usernames that don't match. This could be a mistake however.

Personal info (email / phone / address):
Do not share your personal info or anyone elses. Such as email / phone / address etc.

Posted without consent:
Anything such as accounts, information, or images, that have been posted by / about anyone that is not the author / account holder.

Sexual (Clean list):
Regardless of age / sex, this list does not allow sexual images / references.

Sexual (Under 18):
Any part of the site that has under 18 sexual references / images.

Spam posted (bio / image):
Anyone who spam posts the same thing in the bio / image(s) and is usually sexual or selling related.

Under 13:
They are not allowed on site, nor are references or images from under 13's.

Under 18 (Adult list):
It is illegal for children to be on the adult side or to view adult content.

Non-human image (Leaked):
The leaked gallery is intended for anonymous image uploads of and from people aged 18+.
With this, comes the fact you shouldn't have means of contacting / identifying anyone else / yourself.

Uploader requesting removal (Leaked):
You can't remove your own images from this section, so this is the only way to get your uploaded image taken down.

Official staff:
Only official staff are listed below! Assume anyone else to be fake!
If you want to test someone's legitimacy, ask them to edit / delete your bio or image. Only staff can do it.

Community Manager / Admin - Kik @ KF_Epic
Moderating site content and accounts.
Community Manager.
Rules page.
Project management.
Talent acquisition and training.

Contact support
Site features.
Premium accounts / payments.
Buisness advertising / marketing.

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