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Created: 9th Sep 2021

Updated: 19th June 2022
Previous change: Bottom of the page "Official Staff"

Using this service means you have read and agree to follow our rules and all applicable laws at all times.

Official staff will ALWAYS be listed at the bottom of this page!
No matter what someone may tell you, or how convincing they are, if they are not listed at the bottom of this page, check first with someone who is!

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Terms of Service
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Terms of Service

Minimum ages/Where to register:

Minimum age for this site is 13 years old!

Clean section:
Children (13+) and adults can register here, but it must always focus on being clean content and references only.

Dirty section:
Adults (18+) can register here, and this section supports clean or dirty content.

Children attempting to register on or view the adult sections, you are breaking the law and will be banned!

You give consent for KikFriender to:

Store your encrypted and protected email and password.
This allows account creation and the ability to login/reset your password.
No one sees your password but you.
No one sees the email but you and staff.

Store and show your publicly added info and images.
Always shown: Kik username/Age/Sex/Joined date.
Shown if applicable: Posted date/Location/Country/Bio/Image(s).

Legal/Financial disclaimer

KikFriender doesn't allow nor support any illegal content or actions under any circumstances.
KikFriender isn't responsible for any user posted content or actions, but will take appropriate measures to remove if and when needed.
Using this service, you absolve KikFriender from any and all legal and financial responsibilities.

KikFriender doesn't support nor allow financial/gift transactions. (There is no option to pay).

Account/Profile info

You are responsible for checking and using accurate and up to date info in your account, such as your username, age, sex, and location (if applicable).

If you notice an issue, fix it yourself, point it out in the bio, or message an admin on Kik and ask for help changing it.
Note: you are more than capable and able to change most of these things yourself.

Failing to do so will otherwise result in accounts/content being removed/banned.

Your profile:
Your profile > edit profile button.
Banner at the top > settings > edit profile.

Edit profile allows you to:
Change your sex/gender, within a set time.
Update your age, bio (about me), country or location.

Usernames can only be changed by an admin.
Passwords can only be seen and changed by you.

Your profile > settings button.
Banner at the top > settings > more settings.

Settings allows you to:
Update your email or password.

Admins can also update your email if needed, but accounts must be registered properly first by you.

Adding a profile image:
Inside your own profile > Kik photos/Kik nudes (photo section under the main info) > Choose file button > (select image from device) > Click upload button.
Repeat as needed.

Is for your own active and valid Kik username.
Multiple different Kik usernames wont be allowed.

Is for your real/updated age.
Multiple different ages wont be allowed.

Those adding ages in the bio is pointless, and usually results in one of the ages being wrong. If this is the case, you can be banned. CHECK BOTH MATCH!

Transitioned individuals can use their new sex if post op, otherwise it defaults to biological sex for all.
This keeps it completely unbiased and fair to everyone.
Identify how you wish in the bio, but registered details are different.

Those adding sex/gender in the bio is pointless, and usually results in one of the sex's being wrong. If this is the case, you can be banned. CHECK BOTH MATCH!

Is optional, but intended for the country/state or city etc. you are currently in.
If you do not wish people to know, leave it blank (default).
Don't post work/school/home address/post code/zip code or similar.


Under 18/Clean list:
You are not allowed to show female nipples/areolas/topless, genitals/pubic hair, bare/mostly bare ass, completely nude, sex toys, self pleasure, etc.
Use a little common sense here and work with us on this. If it can be interpreted as sexual, revealing, showing too much etc, then it probably wont be allowed.

As for sexual references, remember as a child or adult on the clean section, 13+ children can see what you put!
If it is sexual or pornographic etc, it is not allowed, regardless of your age.

Allowed text/advertising (images):,,
Retrica, pic collage, other photo editing or camera make/model watermarks.
Kik usernames (only in profiles).

Allowed text/advertising (profile bio):
As long as it's not sexual (porn/adult sites etc - clean list/under 18 only), to make money (paypal/cashapp/onlyfans etc), copyrighted/trademarked (belongs to another app/site/user) etc, it's usually considered fine.

Examples of things we have no problem advertising are:
Snapchat, Twitter, FaceBook, Kik, Instagram, Reddit, XBOX, PlayStation, Twitch, Discord and similar.

Posted without consent / Posting someone elses information/details/image(s) etc.
This is illegal for the most part, and even if you have good intentions, that doesnt mean the people who message them also do!
You can be directly responsible for someone getting harassed, abused, threatened, sexually abused, blackmailed etc.

Personally identifyable content/info.
Ys, this may be your info, but similar to above, you never know who can see it or what they can do with it, so avoid sharing emails, phone numbers, addresses etc.

Self explanatory. Don't go there.

Selling (except premiums).
You do not use our service to financially benefit yourselves by exploiting our users. It's unfair and insulting.

Under 13 content/users.
Straight up banned. It's 13+ minimum age, not "about 13".

Spam posted content/info/accounts.
Typically the same images/bio spam posted by the adult females/females.
We don't mean someone deleted their account and another time came back with the same thing.
We're talking about those who mass post across multiple accounts at the same time.

Not allowed in the leaked section:
Under 18 content/references, Non-human images, Contact/personal info.

Not allowed on the clean list:
Link content/info/references.
Sexual content/references.

Not allowed in the dirty section:
Under 18 content/references/users.


Premium users are 18+ and pay to advertise selling legal and adult only content.
They're allowed to mention sexual references on either list.
They aren't allowed to show explicitly sexual images on the clean list.


Our report system is based on site users / content only.
Include your valid Kik username when reporting in case we need to contact you (rare).
Make accurate reports or don't report at all.
We check everything, every time, anyway.

See below for more info:

Report reasons

Illicit services (Female):
Female accounts that advertise/promote/sell any adult content/services.

Different ages:
Multiple different ages, typically the registered age vs the bio.

Different Kik usernames:
Multiple different Kik usernames, typically the registered username vs the bio/image.

Different sexes (non trans):
Multiple different sexes, typically the registered sex vs the bio/image.

Illegal or criminal references or images.

Anything considered generally "inappropriate" that specifically doesn't fit another report reason.
Note: This is typically a personal opinion more than an actual issue, and as such, will often be ignored.

Invalid Kik username:
Kik accounts that don't exist on Kik.

Personally identifyable info (PII):
Showing full names, email addresses, phone numbers, home/school/work addresses, post code/zip code or similar.
Primarily used as a means of protecting users privacy/safety.

Posted without consent:
Anything posted that isn't directly from the account holder/person in question.
Usually comes from messaging someone on Kik, to find out they know nothing about the site and / or didn't make the account themselves.

Sexual (Clean list):
Anyone on the clean list with explicitly sexual references or images.
This can include under 18 sexual issues (below), but primarily focuses on anyone, any age, on the clean list only.

Sexual (Under 18):
Anyone under 18, anywhere on site, with explicitly sexual references or images.

Spam posted:
Anyone who repeatedly uses the same images or bio or similar account usernames across multiple accounts.
Typically this applies to adult females and sellers.

Under 13:
Any involvement with being/showing/talking about under 13's.
They aren't allowed on Kik or our site.
This also includes parents and teachers showing children. You are supposed to be responsible, so protect them!

Under 18 (Adult list):
Any involvement with being/showing/talking about under 18.
They aren't allowed on the dirty section. (Illegal).

Non-human image (Leaked):
The leaked gallery is intended for anonymous image uploads of people aged 18+.
With this, comes the fact you shouldn't have means of contacting or identifying anyone!

Uploader requesting removal (Leaked):
You can't remove your own images from this section, so this is the only way to get it taken down.

Official Staff

Important note to all users: Only OFFICIAL staff will be listed below!
Anyone else claiming to be staff or work for the business in any way, please let someone below know ASAP!

Kik @ KF_Epic
Moderating site content.
Managing user accounts.
Rule enforcement.
Rules page/Project managment.

Kik @ KF_Shadowless
Moderating site content.
Managing user accounts.
Rule enforcement.

Contact support
Site bug reports/feature suggestions.
Premium accounts and payments.
Official business advertising/marketing etc.

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