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KikFriender - Rules

25th November 2020

By using our service, you indicate that you have read this page properly, and agree to follow the rules, information, and guidelines set out in this page at all times.

Failing to do so may result in a removal or ban of your account and profile!

Agreements, acceptance, and consent:

Minimum age to use this service and Kik is 18 years old.

By registering, you give consent for KikFriender to store your information and any image(s) you add or upload to the site. Your email and password are kept encrypted, secured, and private at all times. Your profile information and any image(s) uploaded to the leaked section, or in your profile, are all publicly visible.

Under 18 are only allowed to register and post on the clean list. Adults are allowed to register and post on the clean / dirty list, and post 18+ images in the leaked section.

Anything posted on our site is the sole responsibility of the uploader, not us. Any issues you have on Kik are the sole responsibility of the user(s) involved, as well as Kik, not us. The only exception involving Kik, and us, is if an account holder had their details and / or image(s) posted on our site without consent. If this is the case, report the profile, profile image, or leaked image(s) to us using our report system, and the “Posted without consent” reason. We will take it from there.

Don’t post any image or information: 1) about anyone other than yourself, 2) with the intent to harass, bully, threaten, blackmail etc. 3) that reveals someone’s home / work / school address or location, email address, phone number, zip code or similar.

Premium users pay to stay listed at the top of the first page on the clean or dirty list and are allowed to advertise what they want, as long as it is legal and 18+ involved. While this is the case, on the clean list they are not allowed to show images that display male / female genitals, or exposed female nipples, including in images with more than 20% see through clothing.

Spam posted images and / or profiles are not allowed anywhere on the site, whether done innocently or maliciously. Only 1 profile / username is allowed to be posted per week, but with the introduction of the new “Bump to top” feature, you can use those bumps daily now to get your posted profile back to the start of the list, after the premiums.

About your profile:

Username section is for posting your own active and valid Kik username. Age section is intended to be for your real age. Sex section is based on birth sex (unless fully transitioned), but identify how you wish in the about me section. Country is intended to specify your country. Location is optional, but if used, only go as far as the state / town / city etc. Never put more detailed address information in there, for your own safety and privacy.

Don’t post multiple different details in your profile (usually Kik usernames, ages, or sexes).

About me and image rules and guidelines are listed below.

Not allowed content:

This should be used as a guideline, but not a fully extensive list. Use common sense when posting!

Money / Gifting - Topics - Anywhere on site.

  • - Premiums are an exception as they pay to advertise, as long as it’s 18+ and legal content.

Sexual - Images / Topics - Clean list / Under 18 year olds.

  • - Showing female nipples, or, male / female genitals, including images with more than 20% see through clothing.
  • - Showing a fully nude butt.
  • - Showing mostly naked, even if not explicitly showing female nipples, male / female genitals, or, butt.
  • - Sexual topics from or about children.
  • - Sexual topics on the clean list.

Contact / personal details - Images / Topics - Anywhere on site.

  • - Email, phone number, home address, zip code, work / school / home location or address etc.

Advertising of sites, apps, or social media - Images - Anywhere on site.

  • - Websites, apps, social media usernames or profiles (excluding Kik for the same username).
  • - Excluding apps or sites with no contact / profile / personal information involvement.
  • - Excluding photo editing software (retrica / pic-collage etc).
  • - Excluding and

Anything other than a person - Images - Leaked.

Dropbox / Mega links / Links - Topics - Anywhere on site.

Little kids / Under 13 - Images / Topics / Users - Anywhere on site.

Under 18 - Images / Topics / Users - Adult list / Leaked.

Illegal - Images / Topics - Anywhere on site.

Report system:

The intention is for people to have guidelines (based on this page) as to what breaks the rules on site, based on site profiles, site profile images, or leaked images only. For problems on Kik, report it to them, not us. The exception for reporting is for “Posted without consent” where an account holder on Kik told you they didn’t post on our site themselves.

Official Staff:

Admin - Kik @ KF_Epic
Site moderation / Account problems / Rules & rules page

Moderator - Kik @ KF_Shadowless
Site moderation / Account problems

Contact Support
Technical issues / Payments / Premium accounts and users