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Kik Username: adamwantsyo

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Please do not send me dirty kik sexting

Joined KikFriender 2326 days ago

Kik me @ adamwantsyo

I'm a 16yo guy

Living in US flag usa, Соединённые Штаты Америки

About me: ...idk

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tinacesey696969 2 years ago

hi can I say something????

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marci.mintz1741 4 years ago

Are you busy??

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xx.fetchxx 5 years ago

Kik me

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alexis_bradley918 5 years ago

Llf that's Sam Albert's pic

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me.myself_and_i12 5 years ago

Kik me ur cute😻😻😻

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1miss_to_cute 5 years ago

Hey hmu please😏

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jellybean9602 5 years ago

Kik me

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liefsnoteasy2016 6 years ago

That's a cute pic and everything but its funny if you look at the mojority of the boys that have a Kik a lot of them have the same Kik pf pic. So either there hacking you or you got that off the internet( prolly)

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nicolageraldi1 6 years ago

Hi your cute and if you ever wanna talk or text that is fine Kik me at nicolageraldi1

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cheerlife_2015 6 years ago

Hey u cute,wanna kik?

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jackiegirl1999 6 years ago

Ur cute, hmu

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wallflowersaertyu 6 years ago

Plz kik me

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jae_464 6 years ago


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caseymathes 6 years ago

Hey kik me

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rayyindtg 6 years ago


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armani 6 years ago

Ur very cute we should talk or text sonetime and am 16 and am fun with and nice , cute,dancer

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toriii_113 6 years ago

Hey your so sexy

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nellydelvalle17 6 years ago

Your so sexy but i like to be friends. And who be nice to me nkt nasty just saying.

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nasteha211200 6 years ago

Hi I really want I person who likes me for who I am som if you think your a nice one please kick me We can be friends if you want to