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Kik Username: natsusixx

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Please do not send me dirty kik sexting

Posted 5 years ago

Kik me @ natsusixx

I'm a 17yo guy

Living in US flag Waterbury, CT, United States

About me: Loves helping anyone with their problems or just hearing them out if need be. I love relationships but IM just looking for se fun ;) I'll be camping this weekend may not have wifi idk yet

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benita_nipples2704 2 years ago

Im alone right now you got a min to chat??

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asshole 4 years ago

He's a jerk

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hesnice 5 years ago

* jerk he's Not a jerk not hero lol

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hesnice 5 years ago

He's not a hero he is a really sweet guy Lilly u just got mad cuz u thought he was being mean to me but he honesty wasn't he's such a sweetheart u should kik him sometimes girls an guys it's worth it :))

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uknowwhothisis 5 years ago

He's such a jerk seriously don't waste your time on him

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foreeal 5 years ago

He's such a sweetheart