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Kik Username: opiniongirl

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I accept engaging in dirty kik sexting

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Kik me @ opiniongirl

I'm a 28yo girl

Location: not specified

About me: ASL first or... get blocked/deleted instantly. Also DON'T be lewd or gross! be less than 25 y/o, respectful, don't be needy as hell! I'm up for a convo and occasionally i need opinions on stuff. currently letting people who win my game choose my pfp

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addme6660 1 day ago

This woman is 28 and got that as a description? Bruh 💀

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ben 3 months ago


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opiniongirl 3 months ago

wow arent you a sore one.. just cus i havent responded/you were a sicko i blocked you, you gotta trash me...

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opiniongirl 9 months ago

if your message was disrespectful after u asled thats why.. and that includes pet names...